How does courier company network works?

Introduction:  A courier company is basically a company who picks up local and international delivery service. It caters to the needs of people who want to send the products or important documents. Courier service is supposed to be very convenient, fast and very dependable service since the products that are delivered are always on the record by the courier companies. The network of a courier company is either domestic or international. Domestic network caters to the customers locally and international network caters to the customers all over the countries. Courier companies have a multimodal network of distribution services. There are number of networks. Direct service. This form of network is a city network, it is basically used in the city, this form of distribution network is not meant for international shipments. Hub network is another form of network, in this type of network there is a single connection between the warehouse and the hub. One of the ideas can be creating review blog like packers and movers to promote your customer’s feedback. The network is present in the central part of country so that it makes the shipments easier. Sub hubs, this kind of network is mainly used in busy regions. There is an expansion of network through sub-hubs. High standard of quality is ensured while delivering the products through courier. There is a great security of network while the products are in the process of delivery. There has to be lot of care and protection to be undertaken while the products are into the process of getting delivered. From the time of getting dispatched till the time the products are reached on the particular location.

Working of a courier company’s network:

1) Pick up delivery 24 hours-Courier companies can deliver the products/ important documents 24 hours, all the days including holidays. Thus, time is never a constraint while you want to deliver the product.

2) Presence of manual labour- there is presence of manual labour all the time at the time of dispatching the consignment, thus the chances of damage upto some extent is minimized since the consignments are always monitored.

3) CCTV monitoring-There are CCTV’s at every depots so that the products which are to be delivered are on the check and monitored. Special care has to be taken while delivery of bulk shipments.

4) Security seals-There are security seals labeled on every batch/consignment. Proper labeling is very important so that the shipments are not lost or stolen. There are security cages which holds the consignments which are on the wait for instructions. These cages are very important as it carry’s the consignments which have to be delivered . proper care has to be taken in this process so that the shipments are not damaged or stolen.

5) Communication with the parties-There is constant communication between all the parties which are involved in the process of delivery. Once the shipments are dispatched, the service center receives a notification. All the parties which are involved during the delivery are informed about the products delivery.

6) Record-Record keeping is very important. The entire communication is recorded while the products / shipments are in the process of delivery. The details about the loss / damage of shipments is recorded incase any mishap happens at the time of delivery. There is a freight delivery receipt on which the loss / damage of the shipment is mentioned. Hence, the contents must be examined on the receipt of delivery of shipments. There is also a proof of delivery while the shipments are delivered. At times the proof of delivery causes the burden that you have to carry. There has to be proof that the freight has caused damage and not other parties who were involved caused damage to the products. Thus, at times there is always pressure incase of damaged goods getting delivered.

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How does courier company network works

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